IQFluence Media Plan Builder: Check the quality of 10 influencers for free with Media Plan Builder

The Media Plan Builder automatically collects influencer data into a Google Sheet

Why IQFluence Media Plan Builder?

Direct Integration
Effortlessly connect with major social platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) for real-time data collection
Recent data from the past 30 days
We request fresh data at the moment of the inquiry so that you can seamlessly incorporate it into your media plan without the need for recalculations
Data-Driven Insight
Gain access to comprehensive analytics to evaluate influencer performance, audience engagement, and campaign alignment
Ease of Use
To obtain the data, simply insert the influencer's link into the table

Get analytics for your 10 influencers for free

  • Register at
  • Open your account settings
  • Go to the API section
  • Create a new API key
  • When creating, specify "Media Builder"
  • Copy the API key or receive it by email
  • Make a copy of the table
  • Insert the key in the Settings tab in the B1 row
  • Return to the Mediaplan tab and insert the URLs in columns A3 and onwards to receive analytics for the influencers you are interested in