How TopicSensor®helped Advertising Agency achieve new client’s goal.

An advertising agency based in Los Angeles recently secured a high-paying client in a niche they had limited experience with. They encountered the challenge of identifying the most suitable creators within this niche to effectively promote their client's products and services.


The agency needed to identify influencers who not only possessed the right target audience and strong engagement rates but also were an excellent fit for their specific client's niche. Traditional methods of influencer discovery proved insufficient for this unique challenge. Consequently, they turned to IQFluence's AI-powered tools to find a solution.

To tackle this challenge, the agency decided to leverage IQFluence's TopicSensor® tool. This advanced tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive insights.

Precise Matches:

What distinguishes the TopicSensor® tool is its ability to transcend conventional influencer discovery methods. It not only takes into account the agency's criteria but also delves deep into specific topics within the niche. This means that the tool identifies influencers who not only have a broad audience but also specialize in the precise subtopics relevant to the client's products or services.


The outcomes of this collaboration were highly successful. By harnessing IQFluence's TopicSensor® tool, the agency successfully identified and collaborated with influencers who were an ideal match for the new niche. The influencer marketing campaigns executed with these creators led to a significant boost in brand awareness, engagement, and conversions for their client.

Furthermore, the agency's client expressed utmost satisfaction with the campaign's performance, resulting in increased trust, the establishment of a long-term partnership, and a high return on investment (ROI). The agency's ability to deliver outstanding results in a new and challenging niche further solidified its reputation as a dependable influencer marketing partner.

IQFluence's TopicSensor® tool, with its precision and AI-driven capabilities, played a pivotal role in overcoming the challenge of identifying the right influencers in a new and unfamiliar niche. The successful collaboration resulted in improved campaign outcomes, enhanced client satisfaction, and reinforced the agency's standing in the influencer marketing landscape.