IQFluence AI chat
Submit an influencers search request,
get a personal reply, maximize the results
What IQFluence's AI chat does
Transforms brief into a set of target filters for search
Provides suggestions for choosing filters for targeted creators search
Allows uploading files for more detailed search
Handles various requests, from the simplest to the most complex
Saves time on searching
Adapts to user queries with a huge knowledge base
Who need it?
When you are seeking to stay ahead in your field and want to continuously learn and adopt the latest technologies in machine learning and influencer marketing.
When you need to make informed decisions and want to analyze complex data quickly and accurately using machine learning algorithms.
Influencer marketing managers:
When you aim to increase your work efficiency and want to automate routine and repetitive tasks through machine learning.
Influencer marketing managers:
When you want to optimize marketing campaigns and want to utilize machine learning to create highly personalized and targeted strategies.
The AI assistant automatically adapts to the data received, stores a large amount of information, and constantly updates its database for relevant results specifically tailored to your query.
Save time
and money on searching for relevant creators

Find exactly what you need more quickly
Optimize the creator's search process
Enjoy ease of use with
the platform's user-friendly interface

Gain new ideas and categories of influencers to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns
When you implement the
AI Chat in your work, you will:
Do more with IQFluence AI Chat
When you need to analyze large volumes of data about creators
When you need to find influencers with specific parameters
When you need to find unique channels that meet the specific requirements
When you are not sure what I need and want to explore different options
When you need to optimize the creator's search process
When you need to exclude some creators
Please submit the form information and we will get in touch with you, make a presentation of the service, and you will immediately see the result.